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Published: 13 March 2023

SPA Public Confidence Polling Report - 16 March 2023

Report Summary

This report provides members of the Policing Performance Committee with an overview of the SPA Public Confidence Polling Report.

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The publication discussed was referenced in the meeting below

Policing Performance Committee - 16 March 2023

Date : 16 March 2023

Location : online

Next Steps

Authority staff propose to progress analytical work on the two sweeps of polling data, looking at intersectionality in more detail, and will bring a more detailed report to a future meeting of the Committee.

In relation to the findings on policing and mental health, Authority staff are currently developing a work plan, in collaboration with Police Scotland staff and SPA Forensic Services, for the Joint Research and Evidence Forum. The work plan will detail further knowledge development and exchange activity, and mental health and policing will be incorporated into the work plan as a priority.  The work plan is due to be published in Q1 of 2023-24.

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