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Public Body Duties

This section tells you about the Scottish Police Authority’s duties in law.

The Authority is a public body and has statutory duties which it is committed to fulfil. You can find out more about our responsibilities as a public body and how we currently meet and report on them.

Freedom of Information

The Authority has various information related duties, ranging from the information that we publish to the  personal data that we hold. Everyone has the right to access information held by Scottish public authorities and you can find out how to make a request to us here.


Communities being informed and confident that policing is accountable is at the heart of the Authority's function. As a public body, the Authority also a has a number of community related duties to empower and improve outcomes for communities.

Equality and Human Rights

The Authority works with a range of legislation to embed equality, diversity and inclusion in the way it carries out its functions.


The Authority has various people related duties, from supporting high standards of conduct by those holding public appointments to publishing trade union facility time to promote transparency.


The Authority has a responsibility to ensure that there is good governance and effective management of resources, with a focus on improvement, to deliver the best possible outcomes for the public.


Sustainability is everyone’s responsibility and the Authority has a range of environmental and sustainability  related duties it must comply with.