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This Week in Policing and Justice

The Authority is an outward, engaging organisation responsible for the continuous improvement of policing in Scotland.

This page gives a selected overview of key developing matters across the whole of policing and justice.

The content does not necessarily represent the views or positions taken by the Authority.

Police Foundation - Blueprints: Designing local policing models for the 21st century

(16 May 2024) The Police Foundation launches a new research project into local policing approaches in England and Wales. 

Crest Advisory - Behind the screen: perceptions and experiences of online fraud

(16 May 2024) The emotional impact of online fraud for victims is worse than the financial hit, even when the loss was tens of thousands of pounds, according to new findings from a study speaking to victims of online fraud. The new report from Crest Insights, funded by the Dawes Trust and in partnership with Birkbeck University and the Police Foundation, was based on a series of one-to-one interviews with victims of different types of fraud such as bank, identity, and romance fraud and, as well as focus groups with members of the public.

Scottish Government - Hate crimes recorded by the police in Scotland, 2022-23

(14 May 2024) This report presents updated information on the number of hate crimes recorded by the police in Scotland during 2022-23 (along with previously published time series analysis since 2014-15).

Scottish Biometrics Commissioner - Increasing public trust in biometrics

(13 May 2024) The article outlines the work which has already been undertaken by the Scottish Biometrics Commissioner including assurance reviews and three compliance reports.

Scottish Government - Police Negotiating Board Scotland (PNBS): guide

(13 May 2024)The Police Negotiating Board for Scotland (PNBS) is a public body in Scotland as of 17 August 2023 and is classed as 'other significant national body'. The PNBS replaced the Police Negotiating Board, which negotiated pay for police officers across the UK and from 2016, only for Scotland. This replaces the 2016 Police Negotiating Board (PNB) guide with an updated version.

Community Justice Scotland - Restorative Approaches For Communities In Conflict

(9 May 2024) Restorative approaches are a way of dealing with a harm and/or conflict which places the focus on reparation. It is person-centred, and cannot be achieved without input from those involved in the harm and/or conflict, particularly persons harmed. Each situation is different and requires facilitation from someone with appropriate training, which can recognise this.

Crest Advisory - Trauma-Informed Practice within the Youth Justice System

(9 May 2024) Trauma-Informed Practice within the Youth Justice System: How is it working and what needs to change, contributes to the evidence base for trauma-informed practice, examining how the practice is understood and applied in youth justice services. We hope our findings can provide youth justice services with learnings to improve ways of working with young people who have been, or could be, involved in serious violence.

Police Foundation - Perspectives on policing: The anatomy of online fraud

(7 May 2024) This paper reviews the available literature on fraud with the aim of unpacking the nature and particular characteristics of online fraud. It also examines how data and knowledge about fraud inform and direct the strategic and operational responses of the police and other organisations. The complexities of producing a ‘true’ picture of fraud are explored, including a discussion of the meaning and significance of fraud when it is ‘online’. It highlights the gaps and challenges in our current understanding of online fraud.

Scottish Government - Criminal justice monitoring data: monthly statistics

(7 May 2024) Statistics showing the length of time to process cases in Scotland from caution to verdict.

HMICFRS - The Police Service of Northern Ireland: An inspection of crime data integrity

(1 May 2024) In 2023 HMICFRS were commissioned to inspect the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI). HMICFRS were asked specifically to focus on crime data integrity. The inspection took place between November 2023 and January 2024.

Scottish Government - Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Act: factsheet

(16 Apr 2024) Factsheet setting out what the Act does, why it is needed and how it is being implemented.

Scottish Government - Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Act 2021 : Justice Secretary statement

(16 Apr 2024) Statement delivered to the Scottish Parliament by Cabinet Secretary for Justice and Home Affairs Angela Constance on Tuesday 16 April 2024.

COSLA - Equally Safe Refreshment of Delivery Plan

(11 Apr 2024) The paper proposes a COSLA deliverable to: '‘seek to improve women’s access to power and resources, as key to achieving gender equality and the prevention and eradication of VAWG’. This is followed by a two year workstream to support this deliverable. "

COSLA - Development Activity - Prostitution

(11 Apr 2024) This paper updates Members on the development activity taken by the Scottish Government towards implementing its strategy to address men's demand for prostitution and support individuals involved in prostitution, as outlined in the February 2024 publication.

HMICS: HMICS Frontline Focus - Wellbeing

(11 Apr 2024) HMICS publishes its review of wellbeing provision in Police Scotland. It focused on those officers and staff delivering frontline serviceS.