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Published: 23 November 2022

SPA Biannual Public Opinion Polling - 11 October 2022

Report Summary

This report provides members of the Policing Performance Committee with an overview of SPA Biannual Public Opinion Polling Activity.  

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Policing Performance Committee - 11 October 2022

Date : 11 October 2022

Location : online


The Authority has undertaken a series of standalone public polling exercises over the last 24 months, focused on gathering independent and representative data on public confidence on a range of issues. Four separate polling exercises were undertaken during 2020/21 to gather public confidence data on the policing of the pandemic.

Those polls explored a range of themes, including the public’s attitude towards the police, the policing of lockdown restrictions, and the public’s ease in complying with restrictions. Those results were reported to the Policing Performance Committee at various stages during 2020 and 2021 and shared with the Independent Advisory Group and the wider public through the Authority’s website. Following this, surveys were carried out to gather views on use of new and emerging technology in policing and the policing of COP26.

Building on the insights gained through previous polling, the Authority subsequently commissioned routine independent public polling for the period 2022-24. The polling contains a set of core questions exploring public attitudes towards the police; providing the ability to baseline and then track public confidence and trust; along with an option to include topical, spotlight questions exploring areas of significant and emerging public interest.

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