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Published: 09 March 2023

Public Confidence in Policing - Public Briefing - July 2022

Keywords : Public Confidence

Report Summary

A Public Briefing on confidence in policing. Published in July 2022.

External assessment of public trust - Scottish Household and Understanding Scotland

The Scottish Household Survey 2020 found that trust in policing was at 87% - secondly only to the health services. This high level of trust in policing was replicated in the 2021 Understanding Scotland report. Using a
weighted average of all respondents where 10 was trust entirely and zero equated to no trust, Police Scotland scored 6.16.

In addition, 69% of respondents to the monthly UK YouGov tracker (July 2019-March 2022) rated the service as ‘doing a good job’. This compared to the UK regional range of 58%-70%. This is in line with the average confidence value of 61% (excluding ‘don’t know’ answers) for the Your Police survey over the period

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