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Published: 02 October 2023

Irvine Fullarton - April 2023 – Community Confidence Under 16 Survey Key Findings

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Report Summary

This report outlines the key findings from the joint SPA and Police Scotland survey/questions for those under the age of 16 as part of the first phase of the Community Confidence Action Research Project work in Irvine Fullarton.

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Between the 20th February 2023 and 26th March 2023, the Scottish Police Authority (SPA) and Police Scotland ran a survey in six local schools with students from the Irvine Fullarton area to gain views on policing from those under the age of 16 as part of the Community Confidence Action Research Project.

Schools were invited to take part and contribute to the design of the questions. A range of questions were made available on paper and via the SPA’s Citizen Space platform (with the paper questions simplified in case needed for younger age groups). It was at the discretion of schools on how these questions were made available to pupils. In total 82 responses were received and of these 79 provided consent and were analysed for this report.

As well as questions on consent and school, questions related to what they would do if they had a general worry/problem (Q3), who they would contact if they were in danger (Q4), if they felt the police would help them if they were in danger (Q5), why they had chosen their answers to the previous questions (Q6) and what they would like to see the police focus on in the area (Q7).

This paper outlines the key findings of these questions. SPA officers analysed quantitative responses in Microsoft Excel and reviewed qualitative responses for key themes. It should be noted that due to the non-representative nature of the sample the findings of these questions cannot be generalised to the entire Irvine Fullarton population.

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