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Oversight of policing COVID-19


The Scottish Police Authority is committed to providing effective and transparent governance and oversight of Police Scotland's response to the COVID-19 emergency.          

The Authority understands that the public need reassurance that the police service has sufficient capacity and visibility to protect their safety and wellbeing during this pandemic.  With this in mind, the Authority has set out clearly in the following two documents in March 2020 how it would exercise its oversight and support for policing:          

The Authority's oversight is taking place through formal governance procedures with key considerations set out in the list below for ease of reference. In addition, all Authority members are receiving weekly bulletins from Police Scotland on current activity and its response to COVID-19. Between April and June, these bulletins were supplemented by weekly briefings. Any relevant information or briefing papers considered at these briefings were published in the list below along with a note of members considerations. In addition, Members of the Policing Performance Committee are also receiving regular briefings on policing performance throughout the period. Any notable or pertinent issues identified through any briefings are referred through formal governance procedures.     


COVID-19 Bulletins and Briefings 

In light of the relaxation of COVID restrictions, 25 August is the last regular weekly bulletin provided by Police Scotland. Reports will now be issued by exception as we continue to deal with the pandemic.

SPA Public Opinion Survey  

Authority Meetings

Committee Meetings