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SPA Vice Chair: Authority to focus on policing and future

Published : 18/06/2020 12:12:30

Speaking on his first full day of interim leadership of the Scottish Police Authority (SPA), Vice Chair David Crichton said:

“This has been a week of change in the leadership of the SPA but across the country the hard work of policing our communities has continued at the hands of many thousands of dedicated, responsive, approachable officers and staff.

“I have spoken with the Chief Constable and the Cabinet Secretary I am very confident that we will continue to work together, constructively and with challenge and grit where necessary, to focus on the big challenges for policing now and in the future.

“It may be some months before the Scottish Government appoints a new permanent Chair, but the Board and I have no intention of simply marking time. Over those months we will continue to make the compelling case to the Scottish Government for increased investment in policing, refresh our long-term strategy for the direction of policing, approve a budget for policing and Forensic Services, strengthen our oversight of further change and transformation in policing, and drive forward the development of our own organisational support in the SPA.

“We firmly believe that the principle of establishing a buffer between policing and government is fundamental. We will work with all those involved to ensure that this principle is applied in a transparent, consistent and effective way.”