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SPA Board visits Govanhill

Published : 18/06/2020 12:11:28

Board Members from the Scottish Police Authority paid a visit to the Govanhill area of Glasgow this week to meet with the South East policing team and community representatives working in the area. The informative visit gave Board members a unique insight into the policing approach and the successful partnership working that is making an impact in the area.

Chair of the Board, Susan Deacon was joined by other Board Members including David Crichton (Vice Chair), Mary Pitcaithly and Grant Macrae to meet with Divisional Commander Chief Superintendent Brian McNulty and the South East area team as well as partners, such as the Community Renewal Trust, who work alongside the police and council to tackle issues in the community.

The visit took place ahead of the SPA Board's meeting in Maryhill Burgh Halls on Thursday 29 March.

SPA Board meetings held round the country

This is the most recent in a series of visits and meetings that the Board of the Scottish Police Authority has held across the country in the last 12 months as it seeks to strengthen its engagement with local authorities and communities.

Over the past year, discussions with local police teams, local authority elected members and executives, and local partners and stakeholders have taken place across Scotland, including:
•         Dumfries & Galloway
•         Orkney Islands
•         Aberdeen
•         Aberdeenshire
•         Perth & Kinross
•         South Lanarkshire
•         East Ayrshire
•         Inverclyde
•         Glasgow
•         Edinburgh
These visits have been supported by a developing programme of discussions between Board Members and community representatives across Scotland.
As part of the SPA’s commitment to local accessibility, board meetings are taking place much more widely across the country.

Over the last 12 months the Board has met in communities and venues in Glenrothes, Dunkeld, Kilmarnock, Greenock, Stirling, Glasgow and Edinburgh. This programme will continue in the coming year to enhance the Authority's engagement with communities up and down the country.  
The programme of local visits has offered Board Members additional insight and perspectives into local priorities or concerns while also identifying potential areas for improvement.

The engagement is also ensuring Board Members have greater visibility of good practice and innovation in action, such as work on Trauma Informed Policing in Ayrshire Division.

In the coming year, the Board will visit partnership programmes in the North East, and with special constables in Highlands and Islands.  
In parallel, the Authority is also strengthening its engagement with local government, COSLA and SOLACE.