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SPA approves policing budget for 2019-20

Published : 26/08/2020 13:33:27

In line with its statutory obligations to maintain policing, the SPA has agreed revenue allocations of:

  • £1,085 million to Police Scotland
  • £30.2 million to Forensic Services
  • £4.5 million to SPA Corporate

The total allocation of £1,100.4 million represents an increase of 3.3 per cent over 2018-19.

The budget and investment plans will allow for:

  • costs of the 6.5 per cent pay award to police officers made in September 2018;
  • a £10 million investment in police staff pay, reflecting the outcome of the programme to modernise legacy staff pay, grading and terms and conditions;
  • equipping officers with 10,000 mobile devices to access information remotely and spend more time in communities;
  • continued investment in Forensics to resolve the backlog of historic cases, and;
  • a further year on year reduction of the underlying operating deficit.

The budget does not at this stage include the potential costs of contingency planning for the impact of Brexit which puts a potential £17 million of additional pressure on the budget, and for which the Authority has formally sought additional funding through the Scottish Government.

The full paper outlining the 2019/20 budget can be found at the following link:

Contextual information regarding the SPA's role in setting the Capital and Revenue budget:

To view the Budget consideration and subsequent approval, visit the SPA’s Livestream channel at the following link: