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£1.3 billion budget set for policing

Published : 23/03/2022 15:18:42


The Scottish Police Authority (SPA) has today (23 March 2022) approved a 2022/23 budget for policing in Scotland.

Total funding from the Scottish Government has been confirmed at £1,332 million. In line with its statutory obligations to maintain policing, the Authority has agreed revenue allocations of:

  • £1,209.7 million to Police Scotland
  • £40.8 million to Forensic Services
  • £4.7 million to SPA Corporate

The budget was considered at a virtual meeting of the Authority. Other matters approved at the meeting include a Housing Strategy for managing the residential estate within policing, and updates to the Authority's Governance Framework.

In addition to the approvals above, the Authority considered:

The agenda and papers discussed at the meeting are available to view from the following section of the Authority's website: Authority Meeting 23 March 2022. A recording of the meeting is available to watch again on the Authority's dedicated Livestream channel.