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Policing Performance Committee

Date : 11 October 2022
Time : 10:00
Location : Live Stream

This meeting has been rescheduled from 14th September 2022, due to limitations on resources and organisational challenges related to the ongoing events surrounding the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

You can watch this meeting on our Livestream channel.

1. Welcome and Standing Items

1.1 Apologies
1.2 Declarations of interest and Connections
1.3 Minute from PPC Committee 7 June 2022
1.4 PPC Committee Action Log and Matters Arising
1.5 Decision on taking business in private (Items 5)

2. Operational Policing Policy

2.1 RPAS Update on usage and performance
2.2 CJSD update
2.3 Aviation Safety and Security Unit Update

3. Performance Reporting

3.1 ICVS Quarterly Report
3.2 Quarterly Policing Performance Report – Q1 2022/23
3.3 Performance Framework Alignment
3.4 Hate Crime Improvement Plan – progress update
3.5 Demand & Analysis Improvement Plan – progress update
3.6 Crime Audit Improvement Plan – progress update

4. Public Confidence & Partnership activity

4.1 SPA public confidence polling
4.2 Mental Health Governance & Demand
4.3 HMICS Assurance Review - Contact Assessment Model  

The following items will be taken in private

5. Operational Policing Policy

5.1 CTSFU Drone Implementation – Verbal update

Subject to agreement by the Board at agenda item 1 above, the following Item of business will be considered in private for the reasons noted: Items 5 in accordance with the SPA’s Standing Orders section 20.