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Policing Performance Committee

Date : 07 June 2022
Time : 10:00
Location : Video Conference

The Scottish Police Authority is following national guidelines in relation to Coronavirus (COVID-19) and this is having an impact on how we are conducting our business. For the foreseeable future, all essential business of the Authority and its committees will be conducted via video conference. You can watch this Policing Performance Committee, live or recorded, on the following link:

Policing Performance Committee - June 2022 on Livestream


The agenda will be published seven days ahead of this meeting with the papers due for publication at least three days before.

1. Welcome and Standing Items

1.1 Apologies
1.2 Declarations of interest
1.3 Minute from PPC Committee 17 March 2022
1.4 PPC Committee Action Log and Matters Arising

2. Operational Policing Policy

2.1 CJSD 5 Year Vision and Direction
2.2 Stop & Search

3. Performance Reporting

3.1 Quarterly Policing Performance Report – Q4 2021/22
3.2 Chief Constable’s Annual Assessment of Policing 2021/22
3.3 Refreshed Performance Framework, incl. Benchmarking
3.4 ICVS Annual Report 2021/22
3.5 Hate Crime Improvement Plan – progress update
3.6 Online Child Sexual Exploitation & Abuse Improvement Plan – progress update