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Authority Meeting

Date : 24 November 2021
Time : 10:00
Location : MS Teams

The Scottish Police Authority is following national guidelines in relation to Coronavirus (COVID-19) and this is having an impact on how we are conducting our business. For the foreseeable future, all essential business of the Authority and its committees will be conducted via video conference. You can watch the Authority's proceedings, live or recorded, on the following link: Authority Meeting - 24 November 2021 on Livestream


Papers for this meeting will be published three working days prior to the meeting.

1. Introduction and Welcome:
1.1 Chair’s Opening Remarks
1.2 Apologies
1.3 Declarations of Interest
1.4 Any Other business
1.5 Decision on taking business in private (Items 8-10)

2. Minute and Actions from previous meeting:
2.1 Minute from meeting held on 29 September 2021 for approval
2.2 Rolling Action Log and Matters Arising
2.3 Decisions since last meeting

3. SPA Chair’s Report
a) Report for Discussion presented by the SPA Chair
b) Committee and Oversight Group Reports for Discussion presented by Committee and Oversight Group Chairs

4. Chief Constable’s Report 
Report for Discussion presented by the Chief Constable

5. SPA Chief Executive’s Report
Report for Discussion presented by the SPA Acting Chief Executive

6. Financial Performance Quarterly Report
Report for Discussion presented by the Chief Financial Officer, Police Scotland

7. 26th Conference of the Parties (COP26) 
a) Report for Discussion presented by the Chief Constable and the Assistant Chief Constable, Conference of the Parties
b) Verbal Update by the Head of City Services and COP26, Glasgow City Council
c) Verbal Update by the Chair of Policing COP26 Independent Assurance Group

The following items will be taken in private

8. Minute for approval relating to items held in private on 29 September 2021

9. Referrals from Resources Committee for Approval
9.1: Business Cases
9.1.1 Unified Communications and Contact Platform (UCCP)
9.1.2 Criminal History System (CHS) Technical Refresh Project
9.2 Contract Awards
9.2.1 Unified Communications and Contact Platform (UCCP)
9.2.2 Provision of Staff Benefits
9.2.3 VMware Enterprise Licence Agreement
9.2.4 Affirmation Report - Road Policing Vehicle Purchase
9.3 Leases
9.3.1 Leases for sub-stations for electric vehicle charging

10. Forensic Service Management Structure Proposal
Report for Approval presented by the Director of Forensic Services


Subject to agreement by the Authority at agenda item 1 above, items of business will be considered in private for the reasons noted below:
Items 8, 9, and 10 in accordance with the SPA’s Standing Orders section 20.
Circumstances in which meetings may be held in private include where:
• information relating to identified or identifiable individuals (including members of staff) could be disclosed where there is a risk of a breach of data protection legislation.
• public discussion of the information may prejudice any police operation or the prosecution of offenders.
• disclosure of information could prejudice national security.
• matters to be discussed are the subject of legal proceedings (including misconduct or disciplinary proceedings) or where the information to be discussed consists of or includes legal advice provided to the Authority or to a third party.
• an obligation of confidentiality exists in respect of the information to be discussed.
• confidential commercial or financial information not already in the public domain could be disclosed.
• proposals for significant organisational change, significant changes to the terms and conditions of staff or other sensitive matters are being considered.
• discussion in public would be likely to inhibit the free and frank provision of advice or the free and frank exchange of views for the purpose of deliberation.
• other, exceptional circumstances exist that would justify considering the matter in private, such circumstances to be agreed by the Board and included in the minute of the meeting