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Resources Committee

Date : 16 December 2021
Time : 10:00
Location : MS Teams

You can watch this Resources Committee, live or recorded, on the following link: Resources Committee - December 2021 on Livestream


1. Standing Items
1.1 Welcome and Apologies
1.2 Declarations of interest
1.3 Resources Committee Minute from meeting held on 11 November 2021 - For Approval
1.4 Resources Committee Action Log Review - For Approval
1.5 Decision on taking business in private (items 3 – 6)
1.6 Committee Work plan

2. Financial Monitoring and Planning
2.1 P7 Financial Monitoring Report - For discussion
2.2 Transformational Programme Benefits Tracking - Q2 Report - For discussion

Subject to approval at item 1 the following items will be taken in private.

3. 3.1 Resources Committee Minute from items considered in private meeting held on 11 November 2021 - For Approval
3.2 Resources Committee Private Items Action Log Review - For discussion

4. Financial Planning
4.1 COP26 Budget Update - For discussion

5. Business Cases
5.1 Contact Engagement Resolutions Project (CERP) Update Paper - For discussion

6. Contract Compliance, Contract Awards & Non Competitive Actions
6.1 Procurement Non Competitive Actions Q2 Update - For discussion
6.2 Review of Contract Expenditure (Compliance) Update - For discussion
6.3 Contract Award: Award of a Contract under CCS Framework for the Supply and fit of tyres and associated products and services - For recommendation to the Authority for Approval
6.4 Contract Award: Recommendation to Utilise the National Commercial Collaborative Procurement for the Purchase of Police Vehicles - For recommendation to the Authority for Approval
6.5 Award of a Contract for Electric Vehicle Purchase under CCS Framework RM6060 Vehicle Purchase - For recommendation to the Authority for Approval


If you have any questions about the agenda or meeting arrangements, please contact SPA Board Services Scottish Police Authority, 1 Pacific Quay, Glasgow, G51 1DZ Tel: 01786 896 873 or email

The Scottish Police Authority is following national guidelines in relation to Coronavirus (COVID-19) and this is having an impact on how we will be able to conduct our business in the immediate period. For the foreseeable future, all essential business of the Authority or its committees will be conducted via MS Teams with participating members and senior officers calling in from various locations.

Subject to agreement by the Committee at agenda item 1 above, the following Items of business will be considered in private for the reasons noted below:
Items 3 - 6: In accordance with the SPA’s Standing Orders section 20.
f) Confidential commercial or financial information not already in the public domain