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Multimedia Unit - What We Do

Interactive multimedia presentations

The interactive multimedia presentation helps bring forensic evidence to life by presenting complex evidence types in a format which is easy to understand. Present your crime scene and take the jury on an interactive tour of the criminal investigation. At the click of a button you can highlight points and evidence of interest which can be further explained through a powerful, visual recreation of the results of forensic analysis or even eyewitness reports.

Forensic Telephony Presentation

Digital technology can be used to effectively demonstrate complex mobile telephone transactions across multiple geographic locations. The unit's skilled technicians can help unravel complex activity timelines which might include multiple mobile phones, network transmitting stations, geography, movement and locations of participants and evidence of linked activities.

3D Reconstruction and Visualisation

Forensic animation and 3D reconstruction can be used to aid a jury in visualising hard to explain situations. It paints a picture based on forensic evidence and can be used to illustrate a number of incidents and examples, from anatomically correct 3D body mapping of injuries and vehicle crash reconstructions to reconstruction of a crime scene and suspects movements. Scale virtual models can be created to detail location of evidence, bullet trajectories, deposition sites and much more.

3D Body Mapping

Digital graphics can be used to provide anatomically correct 3D body mapping of injuries. This has the benefit of providing a sanitised alternative to post mortem photography, which can often be distressing for both the jury and family members and can also help develop a greater understanding of the injuries sustained and how they were caused.

Video/CCTV presentations

Video and CCTV evidence can add another element of ‘real time' scene evidence which can be embedded into maps, 3D building structures and animated schematics along with other supporting media, such as crime scene photography and audio from ‘999' emergency calls.

360˚ Panorama Presentations

A series of digital photographs are electronically stitched together to give a 360˚panoramic view of a crime scene. The presenter has complete control over what they want to look at any time and the technology gives viewers the impression of standing right in the middle of the scene.


Contact the Forensic Multimedia Unit:

If you would like to find out more about the SPA Forensic Multimedia Unit and would like to arrange a demonstration or are interested in using the service please contact the Unit on the details below:

Andy Mason
Tel: 01236 818 332

Frank Brown
Tel: 01236 818 329