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Mark Enhancement Laboratory (MEL)

We have two Mark Enhancement Laboratories (MEL), one based at the Scottish Crime Campus, Gartcosh, and the other at Rushton Court, Dundee.

MEL provide high-quality specialist forensic evidence recovery and development services on a wide range of case work for our Criminal Justice Partners, COPFS and Police Scotland. Our Mark Enhancement Evidence Recovery Officers (MERO) use specialist chemical development techniques to examine submitted productions within the lab to recover finger and palm prints, DNA and other trace evidence. 

When required, MERO also provide a variety of specialist examinations at scenes of crime for the enhancement of finger marks, marks in blood, recovery of marks at fire scenes/fire damaged vehicles and utilise the application of fluorescence examinations to visualize latent marks.

Some of the Specialist Functions/Services provided by the MEL include the following;

  • Fluorescence Examinations – Latent marks/specialist examinations within mortuary
  • Sequential examination of paperwork/documents and currency for fingerprints
  • Number plates – examination of adhesive tapes, number plate splitting 
  • Enhancements of Marks in Blood
  • Attendance at scene – fire scenes/vehicles/marks in blood
  • Examination of vehicles and very large items and facilitate examination of these items by other disciplines  

Working closely with academia and the Home Office, MEL have been at the forefront of developing new enhancement techniques to increase fingerprint recovery on surfaces previously considered difficult and these techniques have been successfully applied to live case work.

Our MEL have a close working relationship with all other forensic disciplines and consistently work collaboratively with the rest of Forensic Services SPA on a whole range of cases to provide the best possible outcomes for our Criminal Justice Partners and the victims of crime.