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Forensic Strategy

Forensic Services SPA provide services in a rapidly changing and shifting environment where we are increasingly seeing new developments in both technology and science.

The Scottish Police Authority approved the Forensic Strategy on the 29th September 2021 following extensive consultation with staff and stakeholders. This strategy provides a clear vision as to how we can continue to provide excellent forensic services which remain at the cutting edge of scientific and technological advances, while being sustainable, providing value for money as a public service, maintaining and enhancing public trust and confidence and building on our successful operating model.

The Forensic Strategy will cover a five-year period. This period will be comprised of three phases.

Phase 1 – Implementation of the Target Operating Model

Phase 2 – Developing our infrastructure and partnership arrangements

Phase 3 – Embedding sustainability and leading advances in science

We will build on the significant progress made as we implemented our Forensic 2026 Strategy: Scientific Excellence for Safer Communities, which outlined the importance of continuing to focus on providing impartial evidence based on scientific excellence to prevent, detect and investigate crime and non-crime incidents. Our new Operating Model will also transform the service that we provide to Local Policing, enhancing our response and the support we provide, especially in relation to volume crime.

Four Strategic outcomes

Our strategy is framed around four strategic outcomes. These describe the impact we aim to have and the forensic service we want to be in the future. Each outcome is supported by three strategic objectives:

  1. Our people are supported through a positive working environment, enabling them to provide excellent forensic services.
  2. Forensic Services SPA are sustainable, adaptable and prepared for future challenges.
  3. We deliver high quality, ethical services; and lead in order to advance forensic science.
  4. We work collaboratively with partners to serve the needs of the public and criminal justice in Scotland.

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