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Forensic 2026 Strategy

The Forensic 2026 Strategy builds on the current strengths of Forensic Services, driving greater value from our unique Crime-Scene-to-Court model. It aims to increase scientific excellence so we can continue to prevent, detect, and investigate crime. The strategy’s aims are aligned with the Scottish Government’s Justice Outcomes as well as the Strategic Aims of Police Scotland and the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service.

We are taking a phased approach to improve our services:

  • Phase 1, 2018-20: Increasing Capacity, Improving Utilisation, and Demonstrating Value
  • Phase 2, 2020-23: Transitioning to an Enhanced Operating Model and Enabling Infrastructure
  • Phase 3, 2023-26: Investment and Innovation, introducing new forensic science techniques

Forensic Services business plans reflect these priorities and demonstrate our commitment to strategic delivery. As well as tracking progress through our management reporting, we will evaluate our progress, the external environment and then develop a plan for the next phase as we near completion of each phase.

The application of science in the interpretation of evidence is at the core of the strategy. It will improve the timeliness of our service, invest in detection techniques, and track our progress to demonstrate the greater value we will deliver.

Our people remain at the heart of our ability to deliver forensic services and the strategic outcomes we have set. Investment in our people is as important as investing in technology and are a key aspect of our plans.

Recognising the value Forensic Science brings to the Justice Sector assists all our partners to deliver on their own outcomes - with the potential to make savings.

Each strategic phase will work from the strategic objectives, ensuring these common objectives focus activity and provide the necessary driver for change. Realising change, through the delivery of our strategic outcomes, will allow us to work towards achieving our vision: Scientific Excellence for Safer Communities.

Forensic 2026 Strategy Strategic Objectives:

  • Value and develop our people, mainstreaming equality and promoting wellbeing
  • Deliver faster, more responsive and smarter forensic science
  • Advance the benefits and value derived from quality forensic science and supporting operations
  • Transition to an efficient operating model, delivering measurable improvements
  • Enhance the profile and commercial potential of Forensic Services

Forensic 2026 Strategy Strategic Outcomes:

  • Positive and vibrant workplace for all of our people
  • Responsive provision of science from crime scene to court
  • Effective demand management, maximising the value we add
  • Deployment of cutting edge techniques in forensic science
  • Maintained quality standards and assurance across multi-faceted forensics expertise
  • Commercial capability and value for money

The Forensic 2026 Strategy was approved by the SPA Board at the 2 May 2018 public board meeting following consultation with staff and stakeholders.

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