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Scottish DNA Database

Scottish DNA Database Statistics

DNA is a vital tool for the Scottish police service in the investigation of crime. It allows for samples of blood, saliva, hair and skin left at a crime scene to be extracted into a DNA profile of an individual which can then be searched against a database of retained DNA profile. The database is compiled by police forces using the powers obtained from the Criminal Procedure (Scotland) Act 1995 (as amended) to take and retain samples from certain individuals.

The Scottish DNA Database is administered by the National Systems Support department of Police Scotland with the DNA profiling from samples taken from subjects and crime scenes done by SPA Forensic Services.

All profiles on the Scottish DNA Database (except volunteers for intelligence led screenings) are exported to the National DNA Database which gives all police forces throughout the UK the ability to search for profile and crime scene matches.

Statistics on the number of profiles held on the Scottish DNA Database for 2022-23 and successful matching are published below:

DNA Database Monthly Statistics

Statistics dating as far back to 2011 are available on the Historic DNA Database Statistics page