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Documents and Handwriting

Within Forensic Services, the documents and handwriting service examines all forms of documentation for Police Scotland and the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscals Service.

This involves examining a wide range of items which can be classed as a ‘document'. The documents and handwriting service provides an analysis of handwriting, verification of signatures and also examines documents for evidence of alteration or counterfeiting.

This analysis can be involved in all crime types. Principally you might expect them to get involved in cases of fraud or embezzlement but they can help solve any crime where writing, typewriting and printing are featured and this can include murder, breach of the peace, terrorism, assaults, abduction, counterfeit drivers licences, drugs cases and missing persons.

The work can be split into two kinds:

  • Inceptive analysis - providing intelligence for the investigating officers in identifying suspects
  • Evidential - the results of such examinations will provide evidence for trial