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Chemistry, Document and Handwriting

The Chemistry, Documents and Handwriting team is one of the specialist services and is based at Forensic Services, Scottish Crime Campus, Gartcosh. 

The Chemistry, Document and Handwriting team are involved in a wide variety of case and crime types. This crime types range from major crime, volume crime and other incidents such as fatal accidents. Common case work includes:

Additional services undertaken by the Chemistry, Document and Handwriting team, which relate to examination and analysis within the laboratory, include:

  • Chemical Identification (chemical attack)
  • Footwear Intelligence
  • Injury Marks Examination
  • Miscellaneous Marks Examination (Heat Sealers)
  • Physical Fits
  • Light Bulb Examination
  • Needle Slap Examination
  • Counterfeit Coins
  • Forensic Marker Examination (Smart Water, micro dots, UV markers)
  • Burn Damage Examination (including soot examination)
  • Brake Fluid Examination
  • Serial Number Restoration
  • Counterfeit Drivers Licences and Passports

We also have a wide range of test types as detailed above. These include providing scene attendance and out-of-hours on call. We work on all crime types including cold cases.