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Catriona Stewart3

Dr Catriona Stewart OBE

Catriona is the Executive Trustee and founder of the Scottish Women's Autism Network which she chaired for 4-years. Catriona has experience of board membership in a variety of contexts and sectors, and of working for positive outcomes to community, stakeholder and organisational needs. She has worked in an advisory capacity at national level, including to the Independent Review of the Mental Health Act (Scotland) and the Scottish Government's Improving Understanding of Autism / Different Minds Campaign. 

In her community support, advocacy and educational work, Catriona takes a Human Rights perspective, focussing on developing a positive narrative of diversity, equality and inclusion. In 2020 and in her capacity with the Scottish Women's Autism Network, Catriona joined the Independent Advisory Group set up to review Police Scotland's use of temporary police powers to tackle coronavirus.