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The Board

As set out in Schedule 1 of the Police and Fire Reform (Scotland) Act 2012, membership of the Scottish Police Authority consists of up to 15 members (including a Chair) appointed by Scottish Ministers through a public appointments process. 

Authority members observe the rules of conduct contained in the Authority's Code of Conduct

You can find out more about the current SPA Board members from the pages below.  Register of Interests can be found on each members page.  Registers are updated quarterly.

You can also read the Board's priorities and objectives for the period 2022-23 here.


Martyn Evans Sept 2021

Martyn Evans

Martyn is Chair of the Authority. He joined the Authority in June 2018 before being appointed Chair in January 2021. His experience spans senior positions across the voluntary and public sectors.

Jane Ryder

Jane Ryder OBE

Jane joined the Authority in April 2018. She is a qualified solicitor with experience in governance and regulation across the public, private and third sectors.

Tom Halpin

Tom Halpin QPM

Tom joined the Authority in March 2018. He is a former Deputy Chief Constable of Lothian and Borders Police and Chief Executive of SACRO..

Michelle Miller

Michelle Miller

Michelle joined the Authority in June 2018. She has extensive experience of both managing services and scrutinising performance and quality.

Grant Macrae

Grant Macrae

Grant Macrae joined the Authority in April 2017 and brings strong practical experience in public sector accounting, accountability, audit and risk.

Mary Pitcaithly

Mary Pitcaithly OBE

Mary joined the Authority in 2018. She has a legal background and experience of strategic leadership of a large, complex organisation.

Caroline Stuart2 (1)

Caroline Stuart

Caroline joined the Authority in April 2017. She is an experienced business advisor with a technology background.

Paul Edie

Paul Edie

Paul joined the Authority in April 2021. He has extensive experience in public sector roles and is currently Chair of the Care Inspectorate.

Alasdair Hay

Alasdair Hay

Alasdair joined the Authority in April 2021. He is a former Chief Officer of the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service.

Katherina Kasper

Katharina Kasper

Katharina joined the Authority in April 2021. She is an experienced managment consultant and professional adviser on risk and compliance.

Prof Fiona Mcqueen

Fiona McQueen CBE

Fiona joined the Authority in April 2021. She is the Scottish Government's former Chief Nursing Officer.

Catriona Stewart3

Dr Catriona Stewart OBE

Catriona joined the Authority in April 2021. She is an experienced board member and founder of the Scottish Women's Autism Network.