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Senior Remuneration

The Scottish Police Authority publishes the remuneration of its Directors and Senior Officers as outlined in the Scottish Government guidance to Non Departmental Public Bodies. The current remuneration for those defined as directors within the SPA and Police Scotland’s leadership team is detailed in the tables below.

Scottish Police Authority

Name Annual Salary
Lynn Brown, Chief Executive £140-£145k
Fiona Douglas, Director Forensic Services  £140-£145k
Barry Sillers, Deputy Chief Executive (Strategy and Performance) £120-£125k
Chris Brown, Deputy Chief Executive (Resources) £120-£125k


Police Scotland *

Name Annual Salary
Chief Constable, Iain Livingstone £230 - £235k
Deputy Chief Constable, Fiona Taylor  £190 - £195k
Deputy Chief Constable, Malcolm Graham £190 - £195k
Assistant Chief Constable, Steve Johnson £130 - £135k
Assistant Chief Constable, Mark Williams £130 - £135k
Assistant Chief Constable, Alan Speirs £130 - £135k
Assistant Chief Constable, Tim Mairs £130 - £135k
Assistant Chief Constable, Gary Ritchie £130 - £135k
Assistant Chief Constable, Emma Bond £130 - £135k
Assistant Chief Constable, Bex Smith £130 - £135k
Assistant Chief Constable, Andy Freeburn £130 - £135k
David Page, Deputy Chief Officer - Corporate Services, Strategy and Change £190 - £195k
Andrew Hendry, Chief Digital & Information Officer £140 - £145k
James Gray, Chief Financial Officer £140 - £145k 
Tom McMahon, Director of Business Integration £130 - £135k 
Martin Low, Chief Operating Officer £110 - £115k 
Duncan Campbell, Chief Legal Officer £100-£105k
Denis Hamill, Chief Data Officer £100-£105k

* Note: All Police Officer pay is set by and pay awards negotiated through the Police Negotiating Board.