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Fiona Douglas5

Fiona Douglas


Fiona Douglas was appointed Director of SPA Forensic Service in August 2021 taking up the post on 1 October 2021. She was formerly Head of Strategic Change for Forensic Services. She has 24 years of experience working in Forensic Science with the past 10 years working within Scotland.

Prior to becoming Head of Strategic Change Fiona was Head of Biology within Forensic Services and led the national development of this part of Forensic Services within the Scottish Police Authority, this included the development and implementation of the new DNA24 technology that is now at the heart of DNA services provided to the justice system in Scotland.

Prior to working in Scotland Fiona worked at various locations in England and Wales within the government owned Forensic Science Service with responsibility across multi-disciplinary forensic evidence and organisational change.

Fiona has been instrumental in the development of the Forensic 2026 strategy and in has been responsible for ongoing delivery of the strategy since moving into the Head of Strategic Change role in August 2019.