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Senior Remuneration

As a Public Body the SPA publishes the names and salary details of members of our senior leadership team equivalent to Senior Civil Service (SCS) Grade 2 and above. Below are the names and salary bands of the SPA Executive and Police Scotland's Executive team.

Scottish Police Authority

Name Annual Salary
Lynn Brown, Interim Chief Executive £125-130k
Tom Nelson, Director Forensic Services  £95-£100k 
John McCroskie, Director Communications & Relationships £90-£95k
Lindsey McNeill, Director Governance and Assurance £90-£95k (Currently on secondment to Scottish Canals)
Barry Sillers, Director of Strategy £90-£95k


Police Scotland *

Name Annual Salary
Chief Constable, Iain Livingstone £225 - £230k
Deputy Chief Constable, Fiona Taylor  £180 - £185k
Deputy Chief Constable, Will Kerr £180 - £185k
Deputy Chief Constable, Malcolm Graham £180 - £185k
Assistant Chief Constable, Bernard Higgins £120 - £125k
Assistant Chief Constable, Steve Johnson £120 - £125k
Assistant Chief Constable, John Hawkins £120 - £125k
Assistant Chief Constable, Judi Heaton £120 - £125k
Assistant Chief Constable, Mark Williams £120 - £125k
Assistant Chief Constable, Kenny MacDonald £120 - £125k
Assistant Chief Constable, Angie McLaren £120 - £125k
Assistant Chief Constable, Alan Speirs £120 - £125k
Assistant Chief Constable, Tim Mairs £120 - £125k
Assistant Chief Constable, Garry Ritchie £120 - £125k
David Page, Deputy Chief Officer - Corporate Services, Strategy and Change £180 - £185k
Andrew Hendry, Chief Digital & Information Officer £130 - £135k
James Gray, Chief Financial Officer £115 - £120k
Jude Helliker, Director of People & Development £110 - £115k
Tom McMahon, Director of Business Integration £100 - £105k
Martin Low, Chief Operating Officer £95k - £100K


* Note: All Officer pay awards are negotiated through the Police Negotiating Board and took effect on 1 September 2018 -