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Corporate Plan


The Scottish Police Authority has published a Corporate Plan for 2020-2023 which sets out the role and responsibilities of the Scottish Police Authority (the Authority) as the governance body for policing in Scotland, the outcomes we seek to achieve and the high level activities designed to achieve them.

Our Corporate Plan aligns to the Strategic Police Priorities which were published by the Scottish Government in December 2019, and should be read alongside the Authority's jointly produced Strategic Police Plan and the Forensic Services Strategy which were developed collaboratively with the Services and relate to the delivery of the police and forensic services that are overseen by the Authority.

These documents provide the strategic framework, which sets the context and direction for policing in Scotland. This 3-year Corporate Plan is underpinned by an Annual Business Plan which will set out the Authority's priorities for the year and explain how the Authority will measure its performance.

You can find out more about the Strategic Police Priorities and the Strategic Police Plan from the Strategy and Performance section of our website. 

You can read more about the Forensic Services Strategy from the Forensic Services section of the site.