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The Scottish Police Authority (SPA) is committed to ensuring the best possible policing service is delivered throughout Scotland. We appreciate, however, there may be times when you are dissatisfied with the service provided and, if so, we would welcome your comments.

If you do wish to make a complaint, we will:

  • Respond promptly
  • Treat you with fairness and courtesy
  • Keep you informed of progress

What complaints can the SPA deal with?

We are responsible for recording, processing and managing complaints about:

  • A senior police officer of Police Scotland, at the rank of Assistant Chief Constable, Deputy Chief Constable or Chief Constable
  • A staff member of the staff 
  • The SPA itself

You can make a complaint in a number of ways:

  • Telephone:  01786 896630 - If you complain by telephone, a written record of the complaint will be made by our staff and agreed with you
  • Online: Please complete the SPA Complaints Form and the Equality & Diversity Monitoring Form (completion of this form is optional)
  • Letter:  Complaints            
                 Scottish Police Authority
                 1 Pacific Quay
                 G51 1DZ 

What complaints can the SPA NOT deal with?

We cannot deal with complaints about:

  • A police officer of Police Scotland at the rank of Chief Superintendent, Superintendent, Chief Inspector, Inspector, Sergeant or Constable
  • A Special Constable
  • Police staff working within Police Scotland 
  • Police Scotland itself

These are dealt with by Police Scotland. For further details on Police Scotland’s complaints process, please click on the following link:  Police Scotland complaints about the Police

For more information on SPA complaints process, please see the following guide:

SPA Complaints Guide