SPA statement from SPA Chair


Susan Deacon responds to PAPLS evidence session on SPA accounts and governance.

Further to the Public Audit Committee and Post Legislative Scrutiny Committee's evidence session in the Scottish Parliament this morning (Thursday 21 December), Susan Deacon, Chair of the SPA has issued the following statement: 

"As a major national public body it is essential that the SPA operates to the highest standards of public accountability and has rigorous decision making processes in place. This is essential to ensure public confidence and trust.

"Since taking up my post as SPA Chair less than three weeks ago, I have become increasingly concerned about the way in which some previous Board decisions have been taken and have conveyed my concerns to Board members.

"I have taken early steps to develop Board decision making and to improve SPA governance, including setting up a Complaints and Conduct Committee, and have given a public commitment to make further improvements at an early date. Alongside this, the new Chief Officer has taken early steps to improve and strengthen practices and capability within the SPA executive team.

"I am committed to working tirelessly and at speed to address the shortcomings which have been identified and to ensure that in future the SPA's decision making processes and wider governance arrangements meet the standards which should be expected of a major public body.