SPA Chair on UK Today Programme, BBC Radio 4


Signposting a drive to make the SPA stronger and more effective.

Susan Deacon appeared on the UK Today Programme on BBC Radio 4 at 7.20am this morning as part of her early media engagements as Chair of the SPA.

Susan addressed questions about a perceived crisis in policing in Scotland and acknowledging that while the transition to a single service has been challenging, policing continues to deliver an effective policing service across all of Scotland with trust and confidence in the service already high.

On the SPA and her role as Chair, Susan said she wants to help drive further improvements and help build stronger and more effective governance of Police Scotland which will in turn further enhance trust and confidence in Scotland's police service. 

A recording of this morning's show is available at the following link (Susan is introduced at approx 1 hr 19 mins into the programme):