New SPA Chair on Sunday Politics Scotland


Ahead of her starting with the SPA on 4 December.

New Scottish Police Authority Chair, Susan Deacon, appeared on the Sunday Politics Scotland show on BBC on Sunday 3 December – prior to taking up her post on 4 December.

One of the key messages she delivered was that much had been achieved in a short period of time and that, despite some high profile challenges at senior levels in Police Scotland, policing in Scotland is continuing.

As Chair, she is committed to ensuring that the SPA fulfils its role and functions as effectively as possible with a key focus on helping drive improvement and change in Scotland’s police service.  Going forward, Susan wants the SPA to be more engaged and engaging so that people can see, via the prism of the SPA, what is going on in policing Scotland.

She acknowledged that there had been a number of reports that had voiced opinions on how the SPA could and should operate in the future. However, much had already changed since those reports had been published including her own appointment and that of the new Chief Officer, Kenneth Hogg.

Full interview: Sunday Politics Scotland