SPA Bravery Awards 2017


SPA Deputy Chair commends courage of police officers.

The SPA's Deputy Chair, Nicola Marchant attended the Scottish Police Federation's annual Bravery Awards ceremony in Edinburgh on Thursday 30 November.

The SPF awards recognised acts of bravery by police officers both on and off-duty.  A total of 23 officers were recognised at the ceremony attended by the SPA, Police Scotland's leadership and the Cabinet Secretary for Justice.

Presenting an award, Nicola Marchant said:

"The SPF Bravery Awards are an opportunity to recognise the efforts of our police officers who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to intervene to ensure someone is brought to safety or a dangerous situation is defused. Each of the officers recognised have demonstrated a presence of mind and courage to act quickly where others may have hesitated or stepped back - I am full of admiration for those who so easily put others first and I am delighted to have been able to represent and thank these officers on behalf of the Scottish Police Authority."

Further details about the awards and officers can be found at the following link: Scottish Police Federation's Bravery Awards 2017.