Statement: Police Scotland Leadership arrangements


SPA statement on interim leadership arrangements.

Nicola Marchant, Deputy Chair of the SPA has issued the following statement regarding Police Scotland's leadership:

"Police Scotland has excellent leaders throughout its ranks.

"Clearly there are times when there are requirements to move quickly to address issues and events and provide additional support.

"This is one such time and the SPA stands ready to respond positively to any proposals that DCC Designate Iain Livingstone brings forward to strengthen his senior team.

"That is likely to happen as quickly as Tuesday's public Board meeting in Stirling, when we will also be scrutinising the continuing strong performance of Police Scotland the length and breadth of the country.

"The last week has been a challenging one but this is a very resilient and proud public service. Working together with Police Scotland, we will address those immediate challenges and stay focussed on the vital work underway to keep improving the service to meet the many changing demands upon it."