Questions invited ahead of public Board meetings


SPA Board invite questions from the public to inform boards scrutiny of policing.

In June 2017, the SPA Board introduced a facility allowing the public to participate in and inform the SPA’s scrutiny of policing during board meetings held in public.

Since then the SPA has welcomed relevant questions in advance of public Board meetings. Questions must be submitted via e-mail to the SPA at the following address: and should arrive no later than noon the day before the public Board meeting. Board meetings until the end of 2017 are listed below. Agendas for the meeting will be available 7-days in advance with papers available 3-days in advance.

While every effort will be made to raise relevant questions during the Board's consideration, we cannot guarantee that every question will be addressed at the meeting. Questions submitted which are related to items on the meeting agenda are most likely to inform members scrutiny of issues. 

Please note: In the interests of transparency, we will publish a summary list of the relevant questions submitted on the related meeting page of the SPA's website. This will not identify the names or e-mail addresses of anyone who submits relevant questions.