SPA Statement on DCC Iain Livingstone


DCC Livingstone to continue his service in Police Scotland.

The Scottish Police Authority (SPA) has today welcomed the decision of Deputy Chief Constable Iain Livingstone to continue his service in Police Scotland, following reconsideration of his earlier decision to retire from policing.

SPA can confirm that as the statutory Designate, DCC Livingstone has all the necessary powers available to him while the Chief Constable is absent on a period of leave.

SPA has also confirmed to applicants, that at this time it is pausing the appointment process that was underway for the DCC Crime and Operational Support role and will keep this under review.

Andrew Flanagan, Chair of the SPA said:

“I warmly welcome Iain Livingstone’s decision to reconsider his retirement and to continue to serve Police Scotland for the foreseeable future. He is an officer of high calibre and great experience. This is a decision that will further strengthen reassurance to officers, staff and the public about the continuing leadership quality we have in Police Scotland during the Chief Constable’s period of absence. He has the powers and accountabilities he needs to lead and direct the service during this interim period, and he has the full support of the SPA in doing so.”