Update on arrangements for the SPA Public Board meeting


Change of venue for SPA Public Board Meeting - 25 May 2017.

Following the decision taken last night to raise the UK threat level, the Chair of the Scottish Police Authority  (SPA) has today discussed with the Chief Constable the immediate leadership demands this situation places upon Police Scotland, and specifically the proximity of the SPA public board meeting tomorrow (25 May 2017).


SPA expects Police Scotland to provide an update to the Board on its response to this heightened security level. However the Chair has agreed that, to allow a full focus to be given to immediate operational and planning considerations, the Police Scotland leadership team will not require to be in attendance for the full SPA meeting.


As a result, we anticipate that a small number of agenda items where a significant Police Scotland input would be required, will be noted and scrutiny deferred for a future date. These are likely to be primarily around performance.


An additional public meeting of the board will be scheduled for 7 June 2017 to accommodate such deferred business, in addition to the next planned SPA meeting on 22 June. The remaining agenda items tomorrow that can be appropriately considered by the SPA board with input from its officers will be taken as normal.


Due to the heightened national security level, the venue for tomorrow's meeting (the Golden Jubilee Hotel in Clydebank) will be changed to the Police Scotland building at Dalmarnock, which is part of the police estate.


Venue details are: Police Scotland, Clyde Gateway, 2 French Street, Glasgow, G40 4EH


The timing of the meeting remains unchanged with a start of 1pm and may now conclude earlier than originally planned.


The meeting will be in public however, to reflect the heightened security environment, anyone wishing to attend the meeting in person requires to provide advance notice of their full name by e-mailing SPALiaison@spa.pnn.police.uk by  8am 25 May 2017.


Corresponding photographic ID (Driving licence/passport) will require to be shown on the day to gain entry and observe proceedings. Any member of the public who does register their interest in attending is advised to arrive at least 30 minutes in advance of the start time to allow for any additional security considerations.


Please note, no access will be granted on the day to anyone who has not given prior notice of their intention to attend.


The meeting will be livestreamed for anyone to view remotely from the following link: https://livestream.com/accounts/5307060/events/7404188