Equalities Update Report and SPA Equality Outcomes 2017-2021


SPA commitment to equalities outlined in Equalities Mainstreaming Report

The SPA has today (Friday 28 April 2017), published a progress review and second Equalities Mainstreaming report which outlines how the SPA's has mainstreamed equality over the last two years. The Equality Outcomes for 2017-2021 will continue to drive the mainstreaming of equality within its activities over the next four years.

A progress report covering the last 2-years highlights the SPA's activity undertaken to recognise the importance of equality and ensure it is reflected in how the Authority carries out its duties. Significant developments include mainstreaming responsibility for equalities across the whole organisation based on the Scottish Human Rights Commission’s 10 Good Practice Building Blocks. This has ensured there is a co-ordinated approach to equality and human rights in all areas of the SPA's activity which is driven by the SPA's CEO with strategic oversight by the Board of the SPA.

The SPA's second set of Equality Outcomes for the period 2017-2021 outline 7 new priority areas which support the SPA's organisational responsibilities in relation to governance, budget, service provision and employment. The outcomes also closely align with the delivery of the Strategic Police Priorities and the Policing 2026 strategy due to be finalised in June 2017. The new outcomes have been developed in collaboration with the Scottish Human Rights Commission and internal statutory staff associations, unions, diversity staff associations and a recently established external equality network of organisations.

Publishing the SPA's progress report and outcomes for the 2017-2021 report, the SPA's Chief Executive, John Foley said:

"The SPA has recognised the importance of equality and over the last two years significant progress has been made to ensure that this is reflected in how we carry out our duties as an employer, governing body and service provider. The Authority's second mainstreaming report demonstrates the continued importance placed on equality considerations at Board Level, as well as the significant work that has been progressed to mainstream equalities into the work of SPA’ officers since the publication of the previous report. We look forward to working to progress the outcomes and further the mainstreaming of equalities in our activity."

SPA Equalities Progress Report - April 2017 

SPA Equalities Outcomes - 2017-2021