SPA Chair Andrew Flanagan – Transparency & Governance


The SPA's Chair has issued a statement regarding transparency and governance of policing.

Commenting further today on transparency and governance in policing, Andrew Flanagan, Chair of the SPA said:

"The members of the SPA board and I are committed to an approach to governance that is informed and effective, and is done in a way that meets the expectations and requirements the public and parliament have on transparency.

“We are fully aware that there is a balance to be struck on this issue, and it is clear that there are strong views from Parliamentarians about where the line on private and public oversight by the SPA is currently drawn.

“I am committed to ensuring that the points made and issues raised by MSPs in today's Public Audit and Post Legislative Scrutiny committee session, and those of other key stakeholders, are considered by the full SPA board at the earliest public opportunity.

“I will therefore be adding an item of further consideration of public and private SPA governance approaches to our next board agenda on 25 May.

“As Chair, I will be recommending to the board an early change to our framework to allow the various committee chairs the discretion to hold all or part of future SPA committees in public.”