Policing 2026


A 10-year strategy for policing

Over recent months, the SPA and Police Scotland have been jointly developing the evidence base, views, relationships, and insights to deliver a 10-year strategy for consultation with the public on building a flexible and sustainable policing service.

We expect that a wide-ranging public and workforce consultation on the draft strategy will be able to commence in the coming weeks, and inform a final strategy that will be laid in the Scottish Parliament before the summer.

Detailed implementation plans will then be developed to set out how the SPA and Police Scotland will meet new and existing demands and deliver improved benefits for communities across Scotland.

Strategic work to understand and project current and future demands is largely complete. As a result, we are confident that the work to date represents the best picture ever assembled of service demands on policing in Scotland.

To ensure that our strategy is consistent and coherent with the strategic approaches and considerations of partners, there have been in excess of 40 engagement meetings with key national stakeholders, and supplemented by further engagement led locally.
There has been parallel workforce engagement led by Divisional and Departmental Commanders and more than 50 roadshows in police locations across the country. The input from our staff continues to shape the draft strategy before it goes out for wider public consultation.

Feedback has reinforced the importance of carrying out that stakeholder engagement with partners on collaborative working, while stressing the central importance of the strategy being deliverable within the budget and resources available to policing.

Work is also ongoing to develop an approach to public consultation from policing that will allow more people in more ways than ever before to participate and provide their views.

While the strategy will not be a detailed implementation plan for the ten years, the pace and scale of change must clearly reflect the finances available and the scope for early investment.

We welcome the investment announced last week by the Scottish Government for policing in the year ahead which now means we can proceed with finalising our 10-year strategy, and in particular the priorities for early implementation. We expect to launch the strategy for wider public consultation in the weeks ahead.