SPA respond to HMICS Update Call Handling Report


SPA respond to HMICS Update report on call handling.

HMICS has today, Tuesday 24 January 2017, published its Independent Assurance Review Police Scotland – Call Handling - Update Report.

The report states that the oversight and governance of the programme has improved significantly, with SPA Board Members leading an effective scrutiny and approval process over the new model.

SPA Board member, Nicola Marchant who sits on the C3 governance and assurance group responded to the HMICS follow up report saying:


“The SPA welcomes publication of the HMICS follow up report on call handling. We are reassured by HMICS acknowledgment of the significant and ongoing programme of work to improve and strengthen oversight, assurance and performance of Police Scotland's call handling division.


“Over the last 14-months, we have developed a robust reporting mechanism to monitor performance levels and assess the quality of the experience of those using the service. There has been investment in ICT systems and the establishment of a national virtual service centre (PSSC) between Motherwell, Govan and Bilston Glen and calls previously handled in Dundee were also successfully transferred to the virtual centre earlier this month following Board approval. 


“While we are confident that a strong call handling service is being provided to the public, we are not complacent and work continues to progress outstanding recommendations and strengthen the programme. We will, in a careful and considered way move towards realising the full benefits of a single integrated operating model with work around the Aberdeen service centre the next important milestone.”