Chief Constable's Declaration of Interests


Full information released


In response to recent media articles, John Foley, Chief Executive Officer of the Scottish Police Authority said:  

"The redaction of information in the Chief Constable's Declaration of Interests under "Financial Interests" and "Interests of Other Persons" was an administrative oversight by Police Scotland and as such he has asked the SPA to make full disclosure of the redacted information which is set out below:

Financial Interests

Declaration of Interests

"I have a number of investments that are managed by a Financial Management company acting on my behalf, the investments involve the purchase and sale of shares by the Financial Management company frequently throughout the year. I have no detailed knowledge of the investments and to the best of my knowledge, I have no investments which represent a conflict of interest"

Interest of Other Persons

"My wife has owned a consultancy (Phlair Consultancy Ltd Company Registration Number 09758936) since her retirement in September 2015. The very limited work that the company has been involved in to date presents no conflict of interest."

For clarity, Mr Gormley has no shareholding in the company.

Accommodation at Tulliallan Police College

In relation to rent and council tax payments, while we believe this to be personal information, the Chief Constable has decided, in the spirit of transparency, to confirm that from August 1, he will pay a monthly amount of £789.30 to stay in accommodation in part of Tulliallan Police College. This represents an appropriate market rental rate for the accommodation including council tax and a utilities charge.  

It is normal practice for Chief Officers to have six months relocation assistance. Rather than incur extra public expense, Mr Gormley agreed to the request from the SPA to stay in the apartment for six months when he first took up post. During this time the current market rent was agreed with the Authority to take affect from August 1. The Chief Constable is the first officer to pay rental for the use of the apartment, which was formally occupied by previous Directors."