Chief Constable - Temporary residential relocation to Tulliallan


Relocation expenses offered as part of package during recruitment campaign.


Following interest in the Chief Constable’s relocation arrangements, the SPA, would like to confirm that Chief Constable Phil Gormley has taken up an offer by the SPA to reside within residential accommodation in Police Scotland College, Tulliallan, Fife.  

In the interests of transparency:

  • Relocation expenses were offered as part of the package advertised during the Chief Constable’s recruitment campaign and any expenses will be paid in line with Annex 19 of the Determinations Under the Police Service of Scotland Regulations 2013.  
  • The living accommodation within Tulliallan consists of three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen and a dining room. 
  • The living accommodation was previously used by the Director of the Police College prior to 1 April 2013. It subsequently lay unoccupied and most recently was utilised by police staff working on a specific project. This project came to a natural conclusion and the rooms were easily and quickly restored to living accommodation for Mr Gormley.

To date, minimal adaptions to the accommodation have been required:

  • fitting a TV point
  • Survey and test the chimney 
  • Cleaning of carpets
  • Fix the xplair in the kitchen
  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Fridge / Freezer 

Any adaptions to the existing residential accommodation at Tulliallan require to be considered and approved by the SPA’s Chief Executive. 

This accommodation exists within the police estate and therefore the costs associated with Mr Gormley utilising this area are negligible. The SPA remains of the view that this temporary arrangement represents good use of taxpayers money when compared with the costs of a short-term private sector rental.

A spokesperson for the SPA said:

"The public recruitment process for the Chief Constable was clear that, where applicable, a package of relocation assistance would be made available in line with police regulations. 

“At the request of the SPA, Phil Gormley took up his post within just a month of being appointed. Shortly after Mr Gormley took up post in January, the Chair of the SPA made a proposal to the Chief Constable that he use existing residential accommodation at Tulliallan. We are pleased that Mr Gormley is content with this proposal. 

“We believe that this makes sense for both policing and the public purse. Tulliallan is an existing part of the police estate and this arrangement will provide a considerable saving when compared with the cost of short-term private sector rental accommodation.”