Analysis of crime in Scotland


SPA responds to 2014/15 Scottish Crime and Justice Survey.


The Scottish Government has today (Tuesday 15 March 2016) published the results of the 2014/15 Scottish Crime and Justice Survey (SCJS). 

The data shows that most adults experienced no crime in 2014/15 and both the overall number of crimes and the risk of being a victim of crime have continued the decreasing trend seen in recent years.

The National Statistics Publication for Scotland can be accessed from the Scottish Government's website at the following link: 2014/15 Scottish Crime and Justice Survey

The Scottish Government's Press Release on the SCJS can be accessed from the following link: Fear of crime continues to fall

Responding to the 2014/15 SCJS, a spokesperson for the SPA said: 

“The SPA welcomes the 2014/15 Scottish Crime and Justice Survey results which show less people in Scotland experiencing crime, and fewer people fearing crime. 

"Alongside a range of other organisations and factors, Police Scotland officers and staff have made a major contribution to that improving picture of public safety and wellbeing. It is reassuring that, during a period of great change for the organisation of policing, the majority of the public continue to believe the police are doing a good job. 

"The challenge ahead for all agencies working inside the criminal justice system and beyond is to step up the focus on prevention and deliver improved outcomes for all communities.”

Deputy Chief Constable Rose Fitzpatrick responded on behalf of Police Scotland saying: 

“Local policing in communities across Scotland is at the heart of everything we do and it is really encouraging to see in the Scottish Crime and Justice Survey published today the continuing reduction in the number of crimes and the number of victims of crime in those communities.

“It is also good to see that public confidence in policing remains strong.  We are constantly working to improve our service to the public and we will look carefully at the detailed results and local variations of today’s survey to make sure we are doing everything we can to continue to address local priorities and issues for every community in Scotland.

“We know how important listening to the public is in maintaining trust and confidence and we will very shortly be introducing our own on-line survey called “Your View Counts”, which will enable the public directly to influence our local and national policing priorities throughout the year.  I would encourage people to look out for it and to use it to let us know what is important to them in their community.”