Remodel of Police Scotland contact command and control (C3)


SPA comments on plans to progress contact, command and control progamme. 


On Monday 25 January, Police Scotland provided an update on their plans to continue to remodel of contact, command and control programme (C3). 

The full update can be accessed from the following link: Remodel of C3 following HMICS recommendations

The SPA issued the following statement in response: 

“The SPA is committed to ensuring the workforce are kept up to date about the progress of key reform programmes. Engaging with staff manages expectations and allows them to plan and make informed decisions. In addition, no decisions to proceed to the next phase of the reform programme will be made without formal oversight and approval by the SPA. 

“The Authority has kept a strong focus on the various interdependent strands involved in the reform of contact, command and control across the service. We are also working closely with Police Scotland and HMICS to monitor the progress of recommendations from the review of call handling by HMICS which is helping to inform and strengthen the overall strategic programme for C3.”