Workforce issues a priority for new police leadership team.


SPA and Police Scotland commits to strengthening engagement with workforce

The Scottish Police Authority (SPA) has committed to work with Police Scotland to formally establish a Partnership Forum with representatives of the five staff associations and trade unions.

The initiative, which builds on informal meetings already facilitated by the Authority's Chair Susan Deacon, aims to create a forum where workforce matters can be discussed and views shared.

The commitment followed detailed discussions at the SPA's Board meeting in Glasgow today about the work in train to empower, enable and develop the policing workforce.

The meeting, held in Glasgow, marked a milestone for the leadership of policing in Scotland with the new Chief Constable, Iain Livingstone attending and addressing the Board for the first time since taking post earlier this week.

The Board considered a range of other issues during the meeting including Police Scotland's quarterly performance reports and an update on BTP integration.
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