HMICS Update Assurance Report on Call Handling


SPA Chair, Susan Deacon responds to HMICS update report.

HMICS has this morning (Tuesday 22 May 2018) published an Independent Assurance Review on progress made by Police Scotland and the SPA in relation to call handling.

The full HMICS Review can be accessed from the followng link: Independent Assurance Review - Police Scotland Call Handling Update Report.

Susan Deacon, Chair of the Scottish Police Authority responded to the report saying:

“Over the last few years there has been understandable public interest in changes to police call handling arrangements. The SPA has taken this matter seriously and is pleased to note the significant learning and improvement which has been taken forward by Police Scotland. This latest independent report from HMICS provides further evidence that consistent progress and improvement has been made and should offer the public a level of confidence that an effective call handling service is being delivered by Police Scotland across the country.


"The SPA will continue to work closely with Police Scotland and HMICS to ensure that recommendations contained in the report are considered and implemented as part of ongoing improvement."