SPA approves 2018/19 budget for policing


The budget for 2018/19 includes deficit reduction, investment to improve the policing service delivered and officer and staff pay awards.

The Scottish Police Authority has today (Thursday 29 March) approved a budget for policing for 2018/19.
The SPA has a statutory duty to set each annual budget for policing, under the provisions of the Police and Fire Reform Scotland Act 2012. Police Scotland outlined proposals to the SPA Board today which were approved.
The 2018/19 budget allows for:
•         Continued reduction of the annual revenue deficit in the journey towards financial balance by 2021.
•         Investment in ICT, specialist police equipment, vehicles, buildings and custody provisions aimed at improving the service delivered to the public and ensuring our workforce can effectively and efficiently do their job.
•         Pay awards for both officers and police staff in line with the Scottish Governments Public Sector Pay Policy.
•         Provisions to progress pay modernisation to harmonise staff terms and conditions by 2019/20.
•         Continued commitment to no compulsory redundancies.
•         Additional funding for Forensic Services to strengthen its contribution to the criminal justice community.
•         Additional funding for SPA governance to strengthen its scrutiny and accountability of policing.
Police Scotland also committed to return to a Board meeting in May with appropriate independent assurance from HMICS to demonstrate 100 officers have been freed up from the back office roles.
The Board also agreed to defer approval of the 3-year Policing 2026 Implementation plan until its May meeting when it can be considered alongside a 3-year financial plan for the same period. 
The full paper outlining the 2018/19 budget can be found at the following link:
To view the Board’s consideration and subsequent approval of the 2018/19 Budget visit the SPA’s Livestream Channel at the following link: