Senior Police Scotland officer’s suspension lifted


Senior officer suspension lifted.

A senior Police Scotland officer is to return to active duties on 19 March 2018 following a period of suspension.

The officer’s case has been subject to regular review and, at the latest meeting of the SPA’s Complaints and Conduct Committee on Thursday 8 March, it was decided that the conditions for suspension were no longer met and suspension should be lifted.

While independent investigatory proceedings in relation to the officer have not concluded, the Committee’s decision has been informed by the views of the Police Investigations and Review Commissioner (PIRC).

The SPA, given its statutory functions in complaints handling and its responsibilities as an employer, can confirm that appropriate welfare and management arrangements have been discussed with the interim Chief Constable.


• The SPA Board suspended a senior Police Scotland officer of ACC rank on Friday 24 November 2017 in terms of The Police Service of Scotland (Senior Officers) (Conduct) Regulations 2013.
• The SPA may only suspend a senior officer if it is satisfied that (i) an effective criminal or misconduct investigation may be prejudiced if the senior officer is not suspended, or (ii) having regard to the nature of the allegation and any other relevant considerations, the public interest requires the senior officer's suspension.