SPA Statement - Chief Constable Leave of Absence continued


Chief Constable, Phil Gormley's leave of absence continued

The SPA, through its Complaints and Conduct Committee, has agreed to continue the Chief Constable’s leave of absence. The SPA has written today to the Chief Constable confirming that position. 


  • The SPA Board first considered and approved a request from the Chief Constable for a temporary leave of absence on Friday 8 September 2017.
  • The decision to approve the Chief Constable’s request for a leave of absence has been kept under review, on a four weekly basis.
  • The SPA’s Complaints and Conduct Committee was re-established by the Board as of 1 January 2018 and was given delegated responsibility to take decisions on behalf of the Authority.
  • The SPA's Complaints and Conduct Committee met for the first time on Monday 15 January 2018 and considered the Chief Constable’s leave arrangements.
  • The Complaints and Conduct Committee will review the leave of absence by 23 February 2018.
  • The SPA has made four referrals in relation to the Chief Constable to the PIRC for investigation.